India Ink Drawings



I was an Art teacher for 40 wonderful years spending 33 years at the middle school and my last 7 at the High School level. I retired in 2005 from the Mount Clemens Community School System in Mount Clemens , Michigan. Like most teachers what I miss the most is the daily interaction with the students and watching them progress.  Retirement has given me the opportunity to  at long last concentrate some effort on my own work. Being the only Art teacher in the building requires one to have a command over almost all media from drawing and painting to sculpture, pottery, Jewelry making, computer graphics and a dozen handicrafts but my passion was always for drawing and perspective. Of all the drawing media I prefer Ebony Pencil  and India Ink. The more detailed the subject matter the better. I love a subject that gives me the opportunity to experiment with positive and negative space, extreme textures and reflections.

For many years I supplimented my income and kept in practice  by doing ink drawings of  family member and friends homes. I have included one of these drawings in the Archive section of my portfolio only as an example. In most cases these drawings became  gifts so only an inventory copy was saved. 

 The teaching profession has been good to me so I have little concern about making a  profit off of my work. I take more pride in donating selected pieces to charitable causes and it is my intent to donate a portion of  any revenue generated by this web site to The Mount Clemens Art Center who for 20 years has displayed my  students art work without any charge or fee.

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